The Fake of “Nanking Massacre”
The Nanjing Massacre is a Deadly Information War

There are still plenty of people who are accusing Japan against its war crime even after 80 years from the Battle of Nanking. China claims that the Japanese army massacred 300,000 people during the Battle of Nanking. According to a Chinese living in Japan, the People’s Liberation Army newspaper writes a false story like “the Nanking Massacre was directed by the Emperor of Japan,” and says that the darkness of Japanese militarism will never be eliminated unless the Emperor is executed. Some Chinese believe this is true and shout that they would massacre in Tokyo. Do not be fooled by such propaganda. So I would like to summarize the facts simply for easy to understand.


The Fact of Nanjing

Fact 1 / Burial Record
After fall of Nanjing, the Japanese army entrusted the burial work of the corpses of war victims inside and outside the Nanking castle to the Red Swastika Society. According to this burial record, the total number of corpses was 43,023. The number of women corpses was 83 and that of children was 46. In other words, the proportion of women and children was only 0.3%.

事実 1 / 埋葬記録

Fact 2 / Smythe Report
Three months after fall of Nanjing, Professor Lewis S. C. Smythe of Jinling University (Nanjing University) conducted a statistical survey on the damage situation of citizens. This is the so-called Smythe Report.* According to this, the number of citizen victims inside and outside the Nanjing castle was 3,400.
(* War Damage in Nanking Area, Dec.1937 to March 1938, Urban and Rural Surveys )

事実 2 / スマイス調査
(* 南京地域における戦争被害、1937年12月1日から1938年3月、都市および農村調査)

Fact 3 / Safety Zone
Professor Hsu Shu-hsi (徐淑希) of Yanjing University (燕京大学) published the “Documents of the Nanking Safety Zone (南京安全区攩案)” in 1939 by collecting protest documents prepared by the International Committee for Nanking Safety Zone who protected Nanjing citizens. According to this, there were 26 murders (53 victims), 175 rapes, 131 thefts, and other incidents after the fall of Nanjing.

事実 3 / 安全区

Fact 4 / War Deaths
According to the Nanking Defense War History (南京衛戍戦史話) recorded by Tan Dao-ping (譚道平) of Nanking Defense Headquarters, the total force of the KMT was 81,000 and the number of war deaths was 36,500.

事実 4 / 戦死

Fact 5 / Tokyo Tribunal
Commander Matsui, who commanded the Battle of Nanking, was executed as a Class B** war criminal at the Tokyo Tribunal.* He was not a war criminal of Class A or C. He was found innocent on the count 54 (execution of the massacre, command, authorization, permission), and guilty only on the count 55 (POWs and citizens’ protection obligation). The text of judgment said, “He must be held criminally responsible for his failure to protect the unfortunate citizens of Nanking.”
(* The International Military Tribunal for the Far East)
(** Class A : crimes against peace, Class B : war crimes, and Class C : crimes against humanity)

事実 5 / 東京裁判
(* 極東国際軍事裁判所)
(** A級:平和に対する罪、B級:通例の戦争犯罪、C級:人道に対する罪)

Fact 6 / Executions
The following units executed about 16,000 defeated soldiers. However, no one has been convicted as a war crime among the division chiefs or regiment commanders of these units. The 7th Regiment of the 9th Division, the 33rd Regiment of the 16th Division, the 30th Brigade of the 16th Division, the 66th Regiment of the 114th Division and the 65th Regiment of the 13th Division.

事実 6 / 処刑

Based on above facts, we can lead the following discussions.


Discussion 1 / Women and Children
The fact that the proportion of women and children in the corpses of Nanking was 0.3% indicates that there was no systematic massacre against the citizens. On the other hand, the Tokyo Air Raid in 1945 was an indiscriminate attack on citizens. The proportion of minors among the victims is about 40%.

考察 1 / 女性と子供

Discussion 2 / Citizen Victims
If the number of war dead is 36,500 and the citizen victims is 3,400, the proportion of citizen victim is 8.5%. For example, the proportion of citizen victims is 50% for Okinawa battle during World War II, 47% for Berlin falls, and 75% for Iraq warfare in 2003. Then, in fact, the proportion of citizen victims was relatively small in the Battle of Nanking.

考察 2 / 市民犠牲者

Discussion 3 / Small Numbers
As you can see from the “Smythe Report” and the “Documents of the Nanking Safety Zone (南京安全区攩案),” the recorded number of citizen victims and incidents was too small to be called “Nanking Massacre.” Recognition of people who were in Nanjing after the fall is at this level.

考察 3 / 少ない記録

Discussion 4 / Judgment
Commander Matsui ordered the cleansing of the soldiers lurking in the safety zone. Nonetheless, he was found innocent on the count 54 (execution of the massacre, command, authorization, permission) as mentioned above. That is, the Allies proved that there was no systematic massacre under Matsui’s command.

考察 4 / 判決

Discussion 5 / Legality
The fact that there were no war criminals among the division chiefs or regiment commanders of the division who executed the defeated soldiers indicates that the execution of soldiers was regarded as legal actions also in standards of Allies.

考察 5 / 適法性

Knowing above contents as an outline, you will be able to understand the facts of Nanking. The number of 300,000 victims will never come out from anywhere, even if total number of war dead is taken into account. And as the Tokyo Tribunal showed, it is too excessive to condemn the execution of the defeated soldiers. People who want to claim more victims should show evidence. And it is also necessary to distinguish between war dead and massacre victims.


The Information War

The purpose of China’s “Nanking Massacre” propaganda is to destroy the Japan-US alliance. If China can destroy the Japan-US alliance, they may dominate Japan and the Pacific. If such a situation is realized, the survival of the United States will also be in danger. If you suspect this story please read the following report and book.

The Hate Farm: China Is Planting a Bitter Harvest (Michael Yon)
China is leading a deadly information war. The first target is Japan. The ultimate target is the United States.

The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower

The Hundred-Year Marathon is a wake-up call as we face the greatest national security challenge of the twenty-first century.


憎しみの種を植える中国 加担する記者たちは責任を負う 米国人ジャーナリスト、マイケル・ヨン – 産経ニュース

China 2049 秘密裏に遂行される「世界覇権100年戦略」 マイケル ピルズベリー


And if you want to know about the Chinese propaganda organization in the United States, please search with the following organization name.
Global Alliance for Preserving the History of WW II in Asia (Global Alliance)


If you want to know whole story about “Nanjing Massacre,” please click the following URL. I tried to estimate more accurate number of victims based on records and testimony of people related to the Battle of Nanking. According to my latest estimate, the total number of Chinese side victims in the Battle of Nanking is about 55,000. Among them, the number of citizen victims is about 5,400. Sorry in Japanese.

南京戦の全貌を知りたい場合は、次の記事をどうぞ。 南京戦に関与した人々の記録と証言に基づいて、より詳細な戦争犠牲者数の試算をしています。私の最新の試算によると、南京戦における中国側の犠牲者総数は約55,000です。 そのうち、市民犠牲者数は約5,400です。